Testimony of a Cabin Leader


Cabin leaders are the front-line of camp ministry.  Daily, our cabin leaders teach our campers during cabin devotions, eat every meal with their cabin and teach our campers new skills.

They are there when a camper has questions about chapel at midnight (including a favorite: can God make a cookie so big He cannot eat it?).  And they are there when a camper get sick in the night, cleaning up the mess.

Yet, when you look back, all the yucky-ness gets forgotten when you remember how, as a cabin leader, you got to witness firsthand God revealing himself to our campers at Whispering Pines.  289512_2306924598450_7642463_o

That is the testimony that TimTam (a.k.a. Ernie) shared with us about his time as a cabin leader:

“There are many unique struggles and challenges that come with leading a cabin, but few things in life are more rewarding than witnessing the “aha” moment a child has when hearing
about salvation for the first time. Or spending a week mentoring kids and watching them grow. Or having the opportunity to lead a child to the Lord. As I spent many summers doing this, I feel that it was a large part of my own spiritual growth and maturity. I will never forget the summers I spent working at camp.” – TimTam (on the right)

We are looking for such cabin leaders, those are excited to show and teach Jesus Christ to our campers so that they too could follow Jesus.  Who knows?  Maybe one of those campers could become a cabin leader themselves!

Camp would not be possible without the youth, young adults, and others who sacrifice their time and energy to serve our campers.

If you are interested in joining the front-lines of camp ministry, getting up close and personal to what God is doing in the lives of our campers, apply today at WhisperingPinesBibleCamp.com/Apply-To-Serve

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